Call Accounting Software

Guest Tracker © Call Accounting Software interface will allow your Hotel or Property to auto-import all phone charges directly to the Guests Folio real-time!

Guest Tracker The Hotel industry charges guests to use telephone services to recover telephone costs and to generate Hotel revenue. By using CASH Call Accounting Software, Hotels, Motels and Resorts can easily recover the cost of telephone service as well as generate serious profits from surcharges through Guest Tracker. Use CASH as your Hotel Software to increase hotel revenue by 10%, 50% or even 100% with flexible surcharge capabilities! Surcharges are automatically added to any call type based on a flat rate, percentage or both or edit per minute charges in the long distance rate tables to increase hotel revenue. Billing guests is easy. At checkout time, hotels using our Guest Tracker hotel management software will find the costed calls already posted in the Hotel management software guest folio.

CASH is a unique, state of the art, cost management recovery and call management software. CASH Call Accounting Software has been designed to accommodate the ever changing needs of today's Property management software companies. Over 100 management reports are available using numerous search functions to easily track down specific call details. CASH efficiently exports calls to Guest Tracker Hotel software management systems and our property management software. CASH is easy to use and automatically logs all telephone transactions including incoming, outgoing, local and long distance calls. Call costs are calculated in seconds and if applicable, surcharges are added to the Guests Hotel folio.

CASH Call accounting is a powerful Hotel management software that allows you to report on incoming, outgoing, local, long distance and international calls using banding tables. Automatic Call export features are available for Guest Tracker Property management software Hotel systems. Use CASH hotel software call monitoring software to, stop 411 and 555-1212 abuse, and reduce "friends & family" calls. Monitor Trunk Activity with CASH to easily predict peak times for scheduling and add additional lines if required.

Powerful, Call Accounting Modules and Property management Interface!

  • 100+ software features to experience and enjoy when you view our demo
  • 1000+ properties worldwide successfully utilizing our property management software
  • No software limitations - flexible Hotel management design allows you to work the way you need
  • Easy-to-use Call accounting interface has an auto-import utiliy to post all phone charges
  • Full accountability, every transaction by user, shift, date, and time stamp reported daily
  • Our service is personalized, by Account Rep, familiar with your property from Day 1
  • Qualified Property Consultants recommend and help implement your On-Line Bookings Engine
  • PBX, call accounting, hotel software interfaces, network products and configuration support
  • E-mail support, anytime, anyday
  • Free installation support to configure and setup your Call Accounting Hotel Software Interface

Operating System and Hardware Minimum Requirements for Guest Tracker v7.0

  • IBM Personal Computer or compatible
  • Pentium 4 Processor (at least 2 Ghz)
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8
  • 60GB Hard Drive
  • 2 GB ram
  • SVGA Monitor
  • Laser or Ink Jet Printer
  • TCP/IP or Serial Port dedicated for Call Acct