Credit Card Processing

Guest Tracker © TCS Hotel Software - Credit Card Processing Interface will allow Hotels to manage and expedite Credit Card transactions in TCS Hotel Management Software!

Our Property Management Software/Credit Card Software interface was developed to help enhance your Hotel or Properties Daily Operations, Night Audit Settlement, Card Dispute management. The Pre-authorization process for new or prior bookings with AVS verification is built into the Hotel Management System. A seamless software connection to Guest Tracker Hotel Software allows you to Balance your daily transactions and Process additional charges for Extended Stay Hotel reservations. The Hotel reservation software process is integrated for all transactions processed from the time of Reservation to Check-In, to Check-out.

The settlement process report module is a Windows application that will assist you with the day's transactions for settlement prior to your Daily Batch. The Batch will automatically check for all pre-authorizations for all Credit Cards processed that day and will create pre-auth transactions necessary to enable your Property to obtain the lowest discount transaction rates through our Hotel management software Credit Card Interface Module.TCS Hotel Software has relationships with all of the credit card processors. Since every processor has unique interface specifications, the TCS Hotel software interfaces to a variety of card processors. As individual credit card processors change rules or procedures, TCS Hotel Software makes the appropriate updates, and the TCS Credit Card interface remains the same for all Reservation Software Processing.

Powerful, Credit Card Processing Interface!

  • 100+ software features to experience and enjoy when you view our demo
  • 300+ properties worldwide successfully utilizing our property management software
  • To select a choice of credit card processors for a seamless credit card interface to Guest Tracker
  • Certified interface that will dramatically reduce the cost of processing credit card transactions
  • All credit card transactions are pre-authorized, with AVS
  • To improve guest service through an extremely quick and reliable credit card processing interface
  • To handle dispute processing with accuracy and accountability
  • Settle reports and Balance procedures prior to Night Audit Credit Card Postings
  • Credit Card Swipe at time of Check-In/Check-out for accuracy and Validation
  • Auto check Audit will verify all Sales Transactions have been properly Pre-Authorized


Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM Personal Computer or compatible
  • Pentium Processor (at least 1.2 Ghz)
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8
  • 60GB Hard Drive
  • 2 gig ram
  • SVGA Monitor
  • Laser or Ink Jet Printer
  • Network Port