Campground Management Software

Whether you’re looking to manage a single small site, or multiple large sites, Guest Tracker offers an integrated campground management software solution. Customize your software  by number of units and optional features. Contact Guest Tracker for more information.

Flexible, Functional Bookings

Enhance your guests’ experience with Guest Tracker’s booking engine. Guests can view availability with selected arrival and departure dates. Online availability and inventory levels automatically sync to your booking engine in real-time.

Online Reservations

With our easy-to-use campground reservation system, Guest Tracker takes care of the reservations so that you can focus on creating a smooth and efficient guest experience.

Guests can book over the phone, from a desktop computer, or from their mobile device—whichever is most convenient.


Custom Rates & Payment Solutions

Easily create your seasonal rates, day rates, and camp packages. With your rates established, creating quotes for future potential guests is a breeze.

Process payment seamlessly, accept deposits over the phone, authorize credit cards prior to arrival, or take payment at time of check-in/camp registration with Guest Tracker’s complete credit card payment solution.

Campground Management Options

In addition, Guest Tracker offers several integrations and options for campground management:

  • Optional Cloud based PMS, connect from anywhere with Windows & MAC’s
  • Campsite Activity Chart for activity booking & tracking
  • Point of Sale integrations
  • OTA integrations
  • Payment Processing solutions

Guest Tracker’s campground management software organizes your bookings and integrates your systems for a hassle-free experience. Focus on marketing, business expansion, and guest experience while we handle the technology for you. 

Explore our product features in depth, or contact Guest Tracker for more information.


Campground Software FAQs


What does campground management software do?

Campground management software allows you to manage permits, reservations, activity bookings, and billing of your campground, tent site, or RV park. Keep digital records of bookings, invoices, and payment history with Guest Tracker campground management software.

What is campground reservation software?

Campground reservation software creates a convenient online portal for your guests to book their campground, tent site, or RV site. You can offer reservation filters such as full or partial hookups and accept bookings through email, phone, or online portal.

Can campground management software process payments?

Yes, many campground management softwares can process payments. Guest Tracker is integrated with Shift 4 Secure Payment to allow you to accept credit card bookings online.

Does campground management software features include a point of sale (POS) system?

Yes, campground management software can integrate POS depending on the system. Guest Tracker has a built-in point of sale system with a touch screen interface for added convenience.

What are the benefits of campground management software?

A robust suite of campground management software, such as Guest Tracker, allows you to manage all aspects of your campground or RV park in one convenient place. With GT Cloud, you can even access your management software from multiple devices over the internet, allowing you to manage your campground when away from the office.

Can you use property management software for campgrounds?

Yes, Guest Tracker is a property management software suite specifically designed for campgrounds. You can use Guest Tracker to book tent, trailer, and RV slots online, manage activity bookings, integrate point of sale services, and provide digital billing options and online payments to your guests.

What software should I use for managing an RV Park or campground?

Guest Tracker is a robust campground management software suite that can accommodate tent, trailer, and RV bookings. Manage activities and tours, allow for permit purchases, integrate point of sale systems such as concessions or general stores, and provide billing options for your guests

How do I choose the right campground management software?

The right campground management software fills your needs for number of tent, trailer, or RV sites to manage, activity booking management, POS integration, and online payment management. Contact Guest Tracker today to discuss your software needs and to set up your free demo.

Do I need the internet to access campground management software?

Guest Tracker allows you to install the software on your computer for offline access. Alternatively, you can use GT Cloud for online software access, allowing you to manage your campground even when you’re out of the office.

What is the difference between campground management software and campground reservation software?

In general, campground reservation software allows you to manage bookings, including slip reservations, tent and trailer sites, and RV sites with full or partial hookups. Campground management software, such as Guest Tracker, is more robust and can handle reservation booking as well as activity management, point of sale integration, online payment processing, and electronic billing to your guests.

How does campground management software save you time?

Campground management software such as Guest Tracker saves time by integrating all the functions you need in one easy place. Manage your guest bookings, activity signups, equipment rentals, concession and gift shop sales, and billing all in one place. Guest Tracker has all the features you need to make your campground business run smoothly.

How does campground management software save operation costs?

Guest Tracker has many custom options, meaning you only pay for what you need. Having one piece of software to manage all your operational needs, with 24/7 support available, helps reduce your costs and keep your business running. Online booking and payment options makes it easier for guests to reserve their campsite and pay their bill, which is more cost-efficient for you.