I like that it allows for full functionality from the tape chart and that we can post charges for any billing date, even if that date has already past. This is extremely helpful if a charge was missed being posted or posted incorrect. There is no need to balance over multiple days you can just go in and correct the mistake. It has allowed us to take a manual paper booking system and update it to a computerized booking software that can be used directly with a simple custom booking engine.

Jessica Heitman, GM, Vacations Kelowna BC, Canada

I have used GuestTracker software for over 15 years now with no issues. Coming from a very old, out dated version, the advanced features in GuestTracker Reservation software on the new version are exciting. I adore things like entering the zip & it tells you the city & sending confirmations with 1 click.

Angie Johnson, GM, Madewood Plantation B&B, Louisiana

I just wanted to let you all know that I am so glad that we updated our software to your GuestTracker Campground Manager Software. It has made our business so much easier and efficient. This system is so user friendly and the tech support is great. Thank you for all that you have done for our Campground and Marina business.

Shannon, Bucksaw Resort & Marina, Missouri

Excellent support team and representatives work hard to understand our business. The ability to report on our business in the manner that we need; the ability to customize certain aspects of the software reporting features. Also, the ability to customize the property is helpful for reservations personnel.

Mike MacAdams, CFO, Castle Pines Recreational Facilities, Colorado

I would like to thank you for your timely support. GuestTracker is a perfect fit for our Family owned business. It is a pleasure working with you.

Beth Murphy, Blue Dolphin B&B and Marina, Florida

For a small Inn B&B, I highly recommend GuestTracker Reservation Software. I have been very happy with our decision to select them in 2005, and would do so again without hesitation.

Anthony Wheeler, The Inn in Westport New York

We all love the Point of Sale for our Gift Shop. TCS has been very accommodating to our special needs with prompt responses. Their unique design and flexibility is perfect for our Resort.

West Chop Club & Marina, Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts

When you consider the value of a fully integrated Reservation Software, it is truly an investment for our Lodge. In GuestTracker we have found a complete suite of Property Software, including an online website booking engine, credit card processing, Point of Sale for our Restaurant, and full Integration with QuickBooks Pro. The online support is just amazing and online bookings are commission free.

Richard Neuman, Woodstock Hill B&B Connecticut

We purchased GuestTracker Lodging Software for our seasonal Inn in 2005, and have been extremely happy with it ever since. The software is intuitive, and provides step by step training for many learning levels. GuestTracker provides seamless reservation downloads and up-to-the-minute availability, simplifying the online reservation process and eliminating the possibility of double booking. In addition, the support staff at GuestTracker has been responsive whenever we have called. GuestTracker is one of the easiest software [packages] to learn and work with that I have encountered.

Jose Ruiz, GM, The Grand Hotel Texas

What a GREAT system GuestTracker is to track your Campsites and RVs from start to finish. People do not realize until you sit behind the desk of a reservationist, just how much work is involved. Having one system that can be utilized for the reservation(s), the security deposit, the payments, the linens, the dockage and other very important items connected to the guests stay is the best. I cannot speak highly enough for the sales and support team that GuestTracker Campground & Lodging Software has also. They are there when you need them!

Wendy Letis, GM, Rocky Point Camping New York

Reservation Management Software that serves the smaller Lodging resorts well. Good support network and a software company that is willing to have the developers grow the software for you. Software works wonderfully. It does what it is supposed to. Support will work to make it better. Manages six Campground facilities and with the GT|Cloud based options, there is no need for a Server at each Campground.

Peter Ward, COO, New England Hospitality New Hampshire

I have been using GuestTracker Campground & Lodging Software now for several years on the Lodging side and I just love the way it works so smooth and efficiently for both of our Campgrounds. We just started using the POS Feature last year for our lodge restaurant and have been very happy with the way it works. it is very user friendly for any age group to use, from younger generation to older. I look forward to using GuestTracker software for many years to come. I would highly recommend your Campground Software to any Campground, Lodge, or Resort.